January, 2014

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Osso Buco: My first attempt at a classic

For the new year, I want to try to make some dishes that I can both enjoy cooking and enjoy eating in “leftover” form.  That means fewer cafeteria lunches and (hopefully) more organized meals.

As it’s a holiday (my last day off: I haven’t been to work since the 23rd of December) I decided to go all out and make something special!  I’ve always wanted to make Osso Buco and there was a version on MasterChef Australia (I’m currently watching Season 3) that inspired me to finally try it!

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Welcome to 2014!

I think that New Year’s Resolutions, well, they’re horrible: they can provide some minor encouragement to get something done, but they’re more likely a source of stress for people who can’t get everything done, no matter how hard they try, resulting in more and more stress.

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