Spicy Vegetarian Chili

I’ve been working on this recipe for years, and I’ve shared it with several people (I even though I had posted it here, but apparently I didn’t!)

This chili is vegetarian but if you love spicy chili, you won’t miss the meat: there’s something that will make you think meat is in it, even!  It’s difficult to get some of the ingredients, but it’s about improvisation: cook with what you have!

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Osso Buco: My first attempt at a classic

For the new year, I want to try to make some dishes that I can both enjoy cooking and enjoy eating in “leftover” form.  That means fewer cafeteria lunches and (hopefully) more organized meals.

As it’s a holiday (my last day off: I haven’t been to work since the 23rd of December) I decided to go all out and make something special!  I’ve always wanted to make Osso Buco and there was a version on MasterChef Australia (I’m currently watching Season 3) that inspired me to finally try it!

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Welcome to 2014!

I think that New Year’s Resolutions, well, they’re horrible: they can provide some minor encouragement to get something done, but they’re more likely a source of stress for people who can’t get everything done, no matter how hard they try, resulting in more and more stress.

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San Diego’s 38 “Essential” Restaurants

Without going into the questions of “is this list right?” or “why is restaurant X on/not on that list?”, San Diego’s eater.com website has a very interesting list to read:

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Scottish Oat Scones

I remember having these once in a while when I was growing up.  They’re a bit buttery, but you can cut some of the butter if you want to miss out on the yummy goodness.  They’re best fresh out of the oven, piping hot with some home-made preserves on them.  Yum!

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Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

These are simple to make (and, if you like cinnamon, very tasty indeed!)  Perfect for holiday dinner parties.

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White Bean Chicken Chili

For the 2009 Hallowe’en Chili Cookoff at work, I brought in three entries (one for each category!)  This was my entry in the “wild-card” category

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Rum Cake

I brought this into work for the 2009 Charitable Giving Campaign Bake Sale.

I expected they’d sell the cake whole and someone would take it home: little did I know that it would be sliced up and we’d have some stumbling around the office that afternoon!

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